Our Service Team was established 15 years ago, to service and maintain all our Scrapers Primary , Secondary, V Ploughs and Bias ploughs.

The team members have all been trained and have Competency Certificates, thus ensuring that their quality of workmanship is of the highest standard, and this in turn ensures a high performance of capability of all the Scrapers.

Training is ongoing at our premises, and by doing this it keeps the team on the edge of servicing and maintains our current list of scrapers as well as the new designs that are developed from time to time.

The scrapers not only are maintained by a highly skilled team, but all installations are done by members that have been doing this for more than 30 years.
This is of good value when one has to install equipment, ensuring the performance of the equipment.

Our Team have been trained to work both on Surface as well as Underground Conveyor Belts, due to the diversity of the different mining applications that are being brought to the fore throughout the industry.

Besides Servicing and Maintaining the Conveyor Scrapers, our team is involved in Servicing and Maintaining Conveyor belt Idlers and Skirting Rubber as part of the ongoing service to our Customers.