Our Mission

To be the forefront leaders of informing and supplying our valued customers with the most technologically advanced equipment available in the market, and to ensure the possibility for them to enhance their production and increase their profit with reduced clean-up costs, through such equipment and products.

Our Vision

To work to the best of our ability in training our staff and equipping them to perform to meet our valued customers’ requirements, ensuring the best delivery times and assistance in providing sufficient stock to meet our customers’ needs.

Company History

Due to the expanding mining activity in North West, specifically Rustenburg and surrounds, the company was started on the 1st April 1994. At that point in time the company was owned and managed by Shorty Broodryk (Marketing) and Vicky Broodryk (Admin & General Sales).

During the years we have continued to grow on average of 25% per annum in the market that we have established ourselves in. With that in mind, our sales were extended to Limpopo province. Due to the changing strategies in our country, we followed the conformance to change to a BEE status and transformed the company to 26% Black Empowered status in 2005. Over the years we have advanced along with the changes in the market and provided the mines in our operational area with the latest advances to ensure that they too, are at the cutting edge of technology.

This ensures their production targets are met, as well as compliance with strictly controlled budgets as well as safety compliance procedures. We have obtained our import and export license so as to import products at better prices enabling us to be more competitive. We are also in the process of expanding
our business into Africa.


Due to the company’s growth we have had to ensure our customers’ needs are continually met, and so we have had to employ staff to meet these requirements. With our management structure in place, we will continue to comply to our customers’ needs and requirements ensuring efficient and proper service which they deserve.

We are proud to market and provide all the products we do with confidence, and doing so, have the after sales service and backup with our products to ensure complete satisfaction to all our customers.